Aloha Dog

Website UI Design

Aloha Dog is the project of two young animal lovers & entrepeneurs. It is a colaborative online platform for anyone looking for / offering pet care services. They contacted us in early 2017 to define the visual identity of the project and to create the entire Graphic User Interface for their website. We were absolutely thrilled about this project and couldn’t wait to begin!

Our Solution: We gave their logo a design update to make it look more polished and sharper on digital screens. We also crafted a visual identity system which combined pet pictures full of emotion, beautiful colors, playful typography and cheerful illustrations to set all the necessary visual resources for the brand. Once we had the visual identity defined, we designed the entire user interface for their website. It was a challenging task but all our hard work paid off when we finished the project and found out they were extremely happy with the final results. :D