Atención Chat 1.0

App GUI design & Website Design

AtencionChat is the name for the new digital chatbot services by Gigantier (a south american digital technology company formerly known as VentasPop). It offers a variety of plans to help online stores with their customer assistance. Their marketing department contacted us in late 2017 because the product needed to be launched and it had no visual identity. We love everything related to UI/UX design so obviously we got onboard with the project!

Our Solution: We designed a friendly and bold app icon along with a minimalistic layout all across the diferent screens. It’s important to keep it simple when it comes to user interfaces. A consistant use of typography, a vibrant color palette with blue as the lead color for a more “techie” look & feel and a big amount of white space for optimal readability was our approach and the client loved it. So, for the next chapter they contacted us again to help then with the landing page design. :D