Mazz MakeUp

Visual Identity & Website Design

Mazz Make Up is an independent make up local brand, created in the northern part of the country by two unstoppable sisters who love everything related to beauty & Self Care. They contacted us in 2017 to design the visual identity of their upcoming brand. It was a fun, challenging project and a gigantic collaborative effort between us, an industrial designer, a fashion photographer and a couple of digital marketing experts.

Our Solution: We designed a minimalistic bold logo along with a more casual and relaxed visual identity to clearly communicate that they're a solid, quality driven brand with a fun & flirty spirit. With that aspect in mind, we designed their packaging, stationary and animated their launch event video projections. Luckily, they contacted us a few months later to design & develop their online store. We crafted an elegant pink-themed user experience for a fun and agile online consumer experience.

Credits: visual design by Divino Diseño / product design by Ezequiel Villareal / Photography & video by Ezequiel Briff